Meet, Meditate, Discuss 60 min meditation (UK only)

Course type: Group Meditation

Drop-in session with 60 min group meditation followed by discussion.

Group Meditation


Saturday 17 October 2020
9:00 am - 10:45 am
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Invitation to sign up for the session will be sent everyone on the Acem UK mailing list. You can also email to sign up and receive a code (link) for the session.

This is a good opportunity to relax, enhance your meditation skills and meet with other meditators. The meditation is always followed by a discussion of the experience. This stimulates reflection on the meditation practice and the application of its principles, which helps you to access more of your potential for personal growth.


The course is arranged by Acem UK School of Meditation


We will meet online, meditate 60 min and discuss the experience afterwards. Open to all who have learned Acem Meditation.


Henning Gravklev

Acem Meditation Instructor. CEO in a IT company.