Acem Meditation helps you relax, unravel the knots you may be tied in and increase your energy. Meditators have long claimed positive health effects. Now scientific studies validate and explain these benefits.

Life is busy. Challenges are many. We tend to stretch ourselves in all directions. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time and energy to achieve everything we want. We may find it hard to concentrate, feel fatigued or restless.

Acem Meditation can prove very beneficial to all stress-related symptoms. For the beginner, the most obvious effects are relaxation and increased energy. Many find their ability to concentrate better. Quite a few report improvements of their general well-being. It is generally accepted that meditation techniques can lower blood pressure and mitigating other undesirable effects of modern life style, like headaches, backaches, insomnia etc.

For the long-term practitioner, the effects of Acem Meditation are even more wide-ranging. Acem's psychological approach stimulates a fascinating process of self-exploration. On this level, Acem Meditation is a way to explore aspects of the unconscious, resulting in a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s actions. It is an important source of increased self-awareness and personal growth in an existential sense. It enables you to modify some of your deeper psychological structures, provides a new and more constructive basis for daily life, and helps you to make better use of your potentials.