Fighting Stress: Reviews of Meditation Research

A must read for everyone who wants an update on what science knows about meditation today.

Fighting Stress: Reviews of Meditation Research
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Book - ISBN 978-82-91405-16-2
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While moderate stress may be good for us, severe or prolonged stress is a health hazard. It reduces our well-being and increases the risk of a number of diseases, from depression to heart attack.

In modern society, meditation and yoga are among the most widely used remedies for stress. In this book, researchers and healthcare professionals with personal experience of Acem Meditation present reviews of current meditation research.

Some of the articles focus explicitly on Acem Meditation, while others have a broad, general scope. The book provides accessible information on what scientific studies can tell us about the effects of meditating.

Edited by Svend Davanger, Halvor Eifring & Anne Grete Hersoug
 44 illustrations and tables
 192 pages